book |bo͝ok|
1 a written or printed work consisting of pages glued or sewn
together along one side and bound in covers: a book of
selected poems | a book on cats | [ as modifier ] : a book
• a literary composition that is published or intended for
publication as such a work: the book is set in the 1940s | I’m
writing a book.
• (the books) used to refer to studying: he is so deep in his
books he would forget to eat.
• a main division of a classic literary work, an epic, or the
Bible: the Book of Genesis.
• the libretto of an opera or musical, or the script of a play.
• (the book) the local telephone directory: is your name in
the book?
• (the Book) the Bible.
• informal a magazine.
• an imaginary record or list (often used to emphasize the
thoroughness or comprehensiveness of someone’s actions
or experiences): she felt every emotion in the book of love.